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Principal's Message

Nyla Johnson
Elementary Principal

Dear Cloverdale Families,

My heart is full of joy as I have witnessed our students, families and staff providing over 40 families with food and gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am reminded again of the immense generosity of our community.  Your children, opening their hearts in the hope of bringing happiness to people they don’t even know, remind us of the gift of life, hope for the future, and all those things for which we are most grateful.  It is an honor to be a part of this loving and generous school family.

As many of you know, our school lost a sweet Kindergarten boy in a tragic plane crash last week. I was touched as we spoke to his classmates and their comments were focused on others. One girl said; “I bet his mommy is sad. Mommies love their little boys”. A boy said to another boy; “You always played with him at recess. I will play with you now”. 


We have many activities planned for December. Make sure you are looking and listening to all the messages.


Remember my door is always open if you need me.

Mrs. Johnson



It is cold and dark in the mornings and we have too many children arriving on campus too early. Keep in mind we do not have crossing guards or teachers on duty until 7:50. Please do not drop off your child or let your child arrive at the school before then. Children who eat breakfast may arrive at school after 7:50 AM. Everyone else should arrive after 8:05.


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